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Jersey will not do a Guernsey


Football rivalry between Guernsey and Jersey is intense.   This is reflected in the interest that surrounds the annual Muratti Cup competition which has not seen the island of Alderney in the final for a long time. The less populated island of Guernsey has stolen a march over its neighbour by an entering a highly successful team in the English non-league system.

The two islands are beginning to cooperate more over the joint provision of public services as the recession and a changing environment for financial services starts to hit home.  However, the Jersey Football Association has no plans at present to emulate the Guernsey model.   It has been pointed out by one correspondent that Jersey is more of a rugby island.

Jersey will represent England in next year's UEFA Regions Cup after winning the FA Inter-League Cup.   The matches will be staged in San Marino, giants of international football.   Jersey would like more games for their team.   However, they think that they can learn lessons from Guernsey where there have been tensions in the past with the teams playing in the island competition.

Our Guernsey football correspondent writes, 'I've not noticed the tensions so much this season. I guess there will always be some frustration from the local clubs that their best players get siphoned off into GFC, but the other big issue was whether GFC's success would compromise the chances of the GFA team in the Muratti. in the end the GFC-dominated Guernsey team completely outplayed Jersey in the final despite fixture congestion.'

'The GFC model only works with the significant sponsorship money that allows the club to pay the transport and accommodation costs of visiting opponents. I've no idea how secure those finances are (1200-odd spectators for every home game can't be doing any harm), and perhaps the model will be fine as long as GFC is ascending the pyramid. The club is currently away and clear at the top of the Combined Counties Premier, so a second successive promotion is looking likely. I just wonder what might happen - in terms of turnstile revenue and sponsorship, if the club finds its equilibrium as a mid table team in the Isthmian premier league or somewhere.'

On the Isles of Scilly where the two local teams have been willing to pool their resources to send representative sides to the mainland, mainly to play Cornish teams.   My weekly round up of the business side of football is broadcast on Radio Scilly shortly after 10 a.m. each Saturday.