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Liverpool run the risk of falling behind


Liverpool's commercial income has improved, but the club is in a less good condition than it was when it was bought by Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr in early 2007.    Then they were en route to a second Champions League final in three seasons and a new stadium in Stanley Park was a real prospect.

This is Liverpool's third consecutive season without Champions League football and the chances of qualifying this season do not look good.   On the commercial front they raised £77.4m in the last financial year, the seventh highest total in the world.   The brand has much sought  after global recognition.

Even so, their income has flatlined over the last three years while that of rival clubs has grown.  Apart from their absence from the Champions League, Anfield generates only £1.5m per game.   This is behind Manchester United at £3.7m, Arsenal at £3.3m, Chelsea at £2.5m and Tottneham Hotspur at £1.6m.

Coming from a country where sporting competition is regulated, the club's American owners have placed considerable faith in Uefa's financial fair play regulations levelling the playing field.  This is also Arsenal's strategy.   But even if financial fair play delivers as promised, and there are real doubts about that, Liverpool will still be playing catch up for a few years at least.

Liverpool fans aren't having the best of times in recent seasons.  They do finally have a long-term plan in place but they probably don't have the same funds, having blown the Torres windfall on Carroll, and it's a tough road ahead for them following the Reds.  The best way to have additional football fun, according to the online casinos, is to try a football themed slots game.   Click here to give it a shot.


It is true that Liverpool are lagging in terms of Media (Champions League) and Match Day (Anfield) income but commercially, Liverpool are making strides. In the last set of published accounts, Liverpool were behind only Manchester United in terms of Commercial income; MU (103), LIV (77), MC (65), CHE (57), ARS (46) and TOT (37).

As John Henry points out here, the cash cow that everyone believes will come from a new or redeveloped Anfield is a myth.

According to the Deloitte money league, Liverpool are 9th in the world in terms of generating income. FSG will continue to tap unsourced revenue streams (as they have done in Boston) and look to implement a cohesive 'group-think' transfer strategy to compete with the millions of the Mnachester clubs and Cheslea.