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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme



The Football Association is to take no action against Watford mascot Harry the Hornet who executed a mocking dive in front of Crystal Palace's Wilfrid Zaha.   Palace manager Sam Allardyce,already aggrieved that Zaha had been booked for simulation, complained that the mascot was 'out of order'.

In fact there have been far worse incidents involving mascots.   Robbie the Bobby from Bury was sent off three times in 2001, twice for mooning at opposition fans and once for pulling the ears off the rabbit mascot of Peterborough United.

A penalty shoot-out at half time between the three little pigs of Bristol City and Wolfie from Wolves in 1998 ended in a ruck when the pigs took exception to Wolfie's celebrations.  Stewards had to pull them apart.

However, Cyril the Swan was probably the worst offender.   After a £1,000 fine for coming on the pitch to celebrate a goal and a two game ban for a fracas with a coach, he fought with Millwall mascot Zampa the Lion in 2001 and drop kicked his head into the crowd.

Most fans would probably prefer a mascot with a bit of edge rather than pallid, child friendly versions.   The secoid mascot at Charlton is currently 'Sir Valiant' who carries a pathetic short plastic sword which would present no threat to an errant lino.