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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Mixed news for Ajax


Ajax didn't have a great night in the Champions League yesterday, losing 1-4 at home - but then it was to Real Madrid.

However, financially things are looking up for the club, to the extent that they are thinking of delisting from the Stock Exchange.  They are the only Dutch club still there.

I just wonder how much this good news is reliant on a big profit on player transfers, which may not be repeated, and getting beyond the group stage of the Champions League, which makes a big difference financia.lly.

In our book on the transformation of European football, one of the themes that came out was the way in which clubs from 'smaller' countries like the Netherlands had lost out to teams from the 'big five' countries (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain).

Our Dutch contributors freely admitted that clubs from the Netherlands were not the leading force in European football they once were.   Could this change?  Or are there structural forces that work against clubs from such countries?