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New crowdfunding platform for players


Kickrs.Net is a new digital crowdfunding platform that allows fans to fund the acquistion of new young players at their club.   Belgian Juliper Pro League club Sint-Truiden is the first to feature with a young Greek player being targeted.

€103,175 Euros has been raised so far from 289 investors.  That's an average of €357 Euros per investor or approximately £260.

Kickrs.Net argues that 'Selling players for profit is one of the processes that allows clubs such as Sint-Truiden to remain sustainable.'   Fans could receive substantial gains, as much as 100 per cent, on their initial investment.  It is claimed that even a moderate success might see investors receive profits of 10 per cent once the player has been sold on.

However, this should perhaps primarlly be seen as a fun way of a fan supporting their club, 'providing supporters with an entirely new strand of sports entertainment.'   As an investment, it is high risk and fans committing funds might wish to secure independent financial advice.

The company plans to sign up seven other clubs from Spain, Germany and other major European leagues over the winter, and in 2016 this figure will expand to include 20 more.