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Neymar on par with Messi in salary stakes


Paris Saint-Germain are expected to formalise their bid to sign Neymar in a deal worth more than £500m this week.   It would place him on a par with Lionel Messi as the best paid footballer on an annual salary of £55m.   Neymar's father should be able to take eight figure commissions on the transaction.

Neymar Santos Snr has asked PSG to delay formal negotiations on the transfer from Barcelona until after 31st July.   Tomorrow marks the day when Neymar's father earns a £23.3m commission for his part in persuading the forward to sign a new contract with Barcelona last October.  Barca's obligation to pay that commission would have been null and void had the player left before the end of July.

Neymar Snr also stands to earn a substantial sum - probably at least 10 per cent of the transfer fee - for convincing his son to join PSG.   The transfer fee amounts to the €222m (£198.7m) release clause in Neymar's revised contract that PSG must activate to extract the player from Barca.

With the player likely to be offered a five year contract, the real cost of the deal to PSG could balloon beyond £500m.  PSG would have to provide the cash needed to activate the release clause to the player himself, who could then incur a tax liability in France on that amount.  At French income tax rates this would amount to around £90m.

Barcelona have said they will complain to Uefa if the deal goes ahead about a breach of financial fair play regulations.  They also argue that EU competition law is being breached and may take legal action in France and Spain.

This blog post suggests that Neymar could be about to become an unwitting poster boy for Qatar in their serious dispute with their neighbours.