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Overseas clubs do well out of transfer window


Overseas clubs did well out of the transfer window, according to figures produced by Deloitte Sports Business.

Transfer fees to overseas clubs were around £300m, almost 50% up on the level seen in 2011. This represented 61% of total transfer fees committed by Premier League clubs, as compared with 42% in 2011.

Compared to the top leagues in other countries, the Premier League generates significantly more revenue and continues to redistribute significant financial value to overseas clubs through the player transfer market. Clubs in Germany, France and Holland have particularly benefitted this summer.

Gross transfer spending trends across the top divisions of Europe are mixed as compared with last year, with top division clubs gross spending in France (around £190m) and Germany (around £210m) up versus last summer. While spending in Italy (around £310m) and Spain (around £110m) are at lower levels than the last summer window.

The lower figures for Italy and Spain could well reflect the impact of the eurozone crisis on those countries.