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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Patience is a virtue


Patience is a virtue argues the Yorkshire Post as Leeds fans wait for the outcome of the long-running Leeds saga.   Not surprisingly, they are inclined to blame Ken Bates who is not as popular a figure as he thinks he deserves to be and perhaps it is a case of 'they all hate me, I don't care'.   Certainly he does not seem to have lost out financially from his involvement in the game. 

Another implicit warning from the Yorkshire Post is 'be careful what you wish for'.  They refer to the example of Blackburn Rovers where what was a competitive and respected Premiership side has been run into the ground by Venky's.   One might also point to the example of two non-league clubs with long histories, Kettering Town and Truro City, who have effectively disappeared this week following mismanagement by the owners.

Perhaps this strengthens the case for community ownership.     However, that is not going to happen in the Premier League and the Championship, the de facto Premier League 2, anytime soon. Hopefully for Leeds fans it will all be sorted out soon: there is still  plenty of time for a successful promotion campaign.