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Premiership clubs make profit in transfer window


Premier League clubs made a net profit of £4m in the transfer window compared with a loss of £109m last year, according to figures from the Premier League. This January's transfer window saw the biggest spend ever of £237m, compared with £178m last year. Sales amounted to £241m.

According to figures from Deloitte Sports Business, the gross spend by Premier League clubs in the 2016/17 season totals £1.4 billion, surpassing the previous record of £1 billion by more than a third.

Deloitte give a slightly lower figure than the Premier League of £215m for the total spend.  They calculate that the overall total in the transfer window was the second highest ever.  The bottom six clubs accounted for 50 per cent of total spending, replicating the pattern seen last January.

Championship clubs spent a total of £80m, an increase of more than 125% on last year’s total of £35m, and a new record for a January transfer window for the division. Championship clubs spent a record £40m on deadline day – the same amount spent by Premier League clubs on deadline day in January 2016.

The Premier League was once again the highest-spending league in European football during the January transfer window. The next-highest spending league was France’s Ligue 1, with total transfer expenditure of around £130m. Clubs in the German Bundesliga spent around £85m, with Italian Serie A clubs spending around £80m. Spanish La Liga clubs spent around £20m.

Deloitte's Dan Jones noted, “The spending activity by clubs in the Chinese Super League (CSL) has grabbed many headlines in recent weeks. CSL clubs have spent over £150m so far during their current off-season, which began in November 2016. However, with the CFA having recently announced that tighter regulations around player transfer and salary expenditure are to be introduced, as well as imposing limits on the number of foreign players allowed, it will be interesting to see whether CSL clubs match this level of expenditure in future off-seasons.”