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Questions over Leeds takeover


Fresh doubts have been raised over GFH, the company proposing to acquire Leeds United, but this article ends on a cautiously optimistic note.

I think that three conditions need to met to make this (or any other) takeover a success.   First, there needs to be as much transparency as possible, although considerations of commercial confidentiality are always a constraint.   Second, the potential owners need to be aware of what they are getting into, the special skills required, and the risk of damaging as well as enhancing their reputation (the case of Venky's and  Blackburn Rovers comes to mind).

Third, and perhaps most difficult, fans need to be realistic about what can be achieved and  how quickly. There are perhaps as many as fifty clubs whose fans think they deserve to be in the Premiership.  Leeds United have a better case than most given their football pedigree and the size of the city and its status as a 'northern light'.   But it won't all be turned round overnight.