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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Re-branding a club


In commercial life decisions to re-brand an established product are taken only rarely.   Some have been disasters which have wasted money, e.g., re-branding the Post Office as Consiignia.  In fact there has been a recent fashion for reviving retro brand names.

In football it is even more unusual to re-name a team.   Most of the changes that have occurred did so in the distant past when clubs were establishing themselves.   The classic case is probably Woolwich Arsenal who became the snappier Arsenal when they moved to North London from south of the river.  Manchester United started out as Newton Heath, a name recently revived by campaigning supporters.  Birmingham City were originally Small Heath.

In the Zamaretto South-West league VT FC were beaten in the play-off semi-finals.  Now the Southampton side have re-emerged as Sholing FC.   The Boatmen felt that the name was holding them back from getting extra sponsorship revenue.   The new name reflects the area in which they play and they hope it will attract investment from local businesses.

There may have been the possibility of confusion with VCD from the Kent League.  They started out life as a works team, Vickers Crayford.