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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Rebranding Belgium


This post is an interesting piece of analysis on how the Belgium national team reconnected with its disilluisoned fans.   Part of the process was a 'rebranding' which involved a new red devils logo.

Of course, having a group of exciting and talented players that helped Belgium finish top of their European qualification group also helped.

The Belgian national team has a particular political significance.   The country is deeply divided between the French speaking Walloon south and the Flemish speaking north.   An additional complication is Brussels which is French speaking on Walloon territory.   Around Brussels there is a patchwork quilt of different linguistic groups.   The secretary of a friend of mine had a complicated journey to the supermarket to get to one in the right language area.

Most of the work of government is done by three regional governments.   There are just two symbols of the nation as a whole: the monarchy and the football team.