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Revenues grow in Leagues 1 and 2


The latest Deloitte Sports Business report shows that a 14% fall in League 1 revenues was primarily due to the absence of Wolverhampton Wanderers, whose revenue comprised 22% of the division's total in the previous season.  The 17 clubs present in Leaguie 1 in both 2013/14 and 2014/15 grew combined revenues by 6%.  League 2 clubs' revenues were 5% higher than in 2013/14.

Despite a 12% fall in League 1 clubs' wage costs in 2014/15, the division's wages/revenue ratio increased to 86 per cent, the previous season's results having been skewed by Wolverhampton Wanderers.  The recommended level is 50 per cent, although very few clubs achieve that.

League 2 clubs wage costs marginally increased in 2014/15, but the division's wages/revenue ratio remained below 75 per cent for the 14th consecutive season, aided by the continued application of the Salary Cost Management Protocol regulations.

The average pre-tax loss of League 1 clubs was £1.7m, while League 2 clubs had an average pre-tax loss of £0.5m.