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Salary problems at Hearts again


A number of top players were not paid on time at Hearts again on  Monday as the Edinburgh club encountered renewed cash flow problems.

Around five senior members of the first-team squad, believed to include club skipper Marius Zaliukas, defender Andy Webster and winger Andrew Driver, have been told that there may be a delay in receiving their monthly salary which was due to be paid yesterday.  The remainder of the squad will receive their money on time.

Hearts claim that the temporary shortage of cash has come about because the SPL has only paid half of the £600,000 due to the club at the beginning of the season. To date, they have only received £300,000 and, already working to a tightened budget, that has forced them to inform their senior players of the possible delay.

New financial fair play rules were introduced in May and, if the club do fail to stump up the cash on time, they could be hit by SPL sanctions. However, Hearts would strenuously fight any punishment as the wages delay has been caused by a 
non-payment of monies due from the governing body itself.

Hearts owner Vladmir Romanov is running for President of Lithuania and has declared a personal fortune of £42m, but became disillusioned with football some time ago.

Perhaps some of the players will be looking else where for their wages this month.  They should try out  After all, is not unheard of your players to dabble in a little poker from time to time.