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Sunderland's financial dilemmas


Sunderland need to extrictate themselves from a series of difficult financial dilemmas if they are to escape relegation.    if they were relegated, their financial position could become unsustainable.

The club needs to spend wisely in the January transfer window, never an easy thing to do.  Moreover, they are constrained by the Premier League's (now re-named) financial fair play rules.  These are complex, but it would seem that Sunderland are limited to a wage bill of £67m.   Their current wage bill is around £68m - £70m.

The club made a loss of £25m in 2015-16 when most Premier League clubs made a profit.  They have not made a profit since 2006-7.

They are highly reliant on the broadcasting deal.   Other revenue has grown by just £4m in seven seasons.  They have not done well on the transfer market, hardly surprising given the players they are able to buy.   Sponsorship revenues have grown slowly, but they are one of the least glamorous clubs in the Premiuer League.

Debt amounts tp £170m, allbut £10m of which is owed to owner Ellis Short.