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Supermarket chain could sue Fifa


Supermarket chain Morrisons is considering sueing Fifa over England's failed to bid to host the 2018 World Cup.   They were official grocers for the England bid so they do have 'locus standi' and they have asked lawyers in Switzerland to advise them.   They allege that Fifa did not act in good faith in its decision-making processes to handle the bid.   If the action was brought and was successful, the compensation would take the form of a £1m payment to football charities.

The move was dismissed as a 'publicity stunt' on Radio 5's Wake Up To Money this morning.  However, it is one that could go down well with England football fans.   It might revive charges that Sepp Blatter made that England were 'bad losers', although he refused to comment on them when questioned in South Africa yesterday.

When questioned about how gays might be treated in Qatar in 2022, he seemed to find it a laughing matter and then suggested that they should abstain from sex while they were there for the World Cup.  He later said that he hoped the situation in Qatar, where homosexual acts are an offence, might change by 2022.