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Tebas keeps up the heat on City


Spanish league president Javier Tebas is keeping up the heat on Manchester City.  He has threatened to complain to the European Commission if Uefa do not take action against Manchester City as well as Paris Saint-Germain for an alleged breach of state aid rules.   If that complaint does not succeed, they will resort to the courts.

However, he has also opened a new front over five players loaned to Girona, which is part-owned by City. For their part, City have described some of Tebas's comments as 'pure fiction' and they are taking legal advice.

Tebas alleged that in relation to the Girona players City were trying to cook the books 'but they didn't manage to do it'.   La Liga insisted that the players be registered at a higher value than was originally the case.  They consider that the players' salaries should be a key criterion.  Their view is that if a low or zero value is assigned to the players, City can send as many players as they want.

City's view is that they send players on loan to many clubs without a loan fee, and that Girona are paying the player's salaries.   One thing is clear: the real beneficiaries of this dispute will be the growing band of sports lawyers.