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Top 20 Highest-Earning Players in World Football 2004


Source: France Football magazine. The figures presented are based on estimates of salary plus commercial earnings. In 2004, Frank Lampard was ranked the highest paid player by wages alone (at £5.17 million per season) although he only ranked sixth when commercial earnings were added. Marketing machine David Beckham headed the list with significant earnings from image rights and lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Adidas, Vodaphone, Brylcreem and Diesel.

Stats Table: 
PlayerEarnings (£million)Club (in 2004)
David Beckham19.8Real Madrid
Ronaldo13.4Real Madrid
Zinedine Zidane8.9Real Madrid
Christian Vieri8.2Internazionale
Alessandro del Piero6.5Juventus
Frank Lampard6.4Chelsea
Raul6.3Real Madrid
Thierry Henry6.3Arsenal
John Terry5.9Chelsea
Luis Figo5.8Real Madrid
Ruud van Nistelrooy5.8Manchester Utd
Oliver Kahn5.5Bayern Munich
Roy Keane5.4Manchester Utd
Patrick Vieira5.3Arsenal
Michael Owen5.1Real Madrid
Francesco Totti5.1AS Roma
Sol Campbell5.0Arsenal
Michael Ballack4.7Bayern Munich
Rio Ferdinand4.4Manchester Utd