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Torquay faces financial problems


Even leaving aside the likelihood of relegation to the Conference, Torquay United have been facing a difficult financial situation as they seek to attract new investment.

Relegation to the Conference leads to just one year of a relatively small parachute payment.   It is a notoriously difficult league to get out of with just one automatic promotion place.   Despite continuing high attendances, Luton Town languished there for years, while it has become a graveyard for other former Football League Clubs.  Hereford United have just survived a financial crisis and face the prospect of relegation to the second tier of the non-league system.

Torquay have never attracted big crowds, possibly because the large retired population is attached to other clubs or have never been very interested in football.   With an average attendance of 2,579 so far this season, they rank 21st in League 2.   Attendances would fall in the Conference even if away fans find a seaside trip attractive.