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Truro City given another chance


Truro City now seem to have been given more reprieves than the average prisoner on an American death row.   The latest stay of execution is for one week.

To be fair to the Conference, who held an emergency board meeting to discuss the issue, it's a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't.   The Conference have been criticised for giving clubs too much rope, but also for doing not enough to help them.

The Conference took a tougher stance on insolvency after Chester City, Farsley Celtic and Ilkeston Town went out of business mid-season in 2009-10 and 2010-11.   As a consequence, their results had to be expunged from the tables which upsets other clubs who consider that their chances of promotion or relegation may be adversely affected.

The Conference has also been criticised for doing little to help the White Tigers with general manager Dennis Strudwick telling The Non-League Paper that they had received a few e-mails saying they should be ashamed of themselves.   However, he explained, 'we want people to pay their bills ... we have given them every chance.   We have to protect the integrity of the competition because clubs who aren't paying their bills - they're cheating.'

In the Southern Premier League Kettering Town still live in hope of a takeover.  Meanwhile, Leamington chairman Jim Scott has estimated that the cost of the postponement  of the game between the Brakes and the :Poppies was £2,500.   However, the game could go ahead next Saturday if Kettering are revived and Leamington can make £1,000 more out of a weekend compared with a midweek game.