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Truro City saved at the last minute


I have rarely seen as many twists and turns in the saga of a football club in trouble, but Truro City have been saved from expulsion from the Conference at the last minute.   An initial 12 noon deadline was extended to 17.00 BST.

A deal with a prospective new owner had been agreed on Thursday, but the bidder walked away this morning.  BBC South West are suggesting that Antony Murtagh, who runs the Truro-based Money Group, was involved with the bid.  He is director of a company which changed its name to Truro City Football Club 2012 Limited yesterday.

Then when it seemed that the 123-year old club was destined to disappear, two local businessmen stepped in and lodged a £50,000 bond with the Conference.   This will cover the costs of other clubs going to Truro if they go bust.

The two men who have come to the club's aid are Pete Masters, who owns a local nightclub, and Philip Perryman, who owns a taxi firm in the cathedral city.   As Masters admits, there is a lot to sort out, but the club has a future again.