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Truro revive Football League dream


Truro City consider that their dream of bringing the Football League will come nearer realisation if the local council approves plans for a new £10m 6,000 seater stadium next month.   The stadium would be shared with rugby side Cornish Pirates and local colleges.   574 attended Truro's home game yesterday.

Truro aimed for the Football League under the high spending regime of Kevin Heaney, but ended up in financial trouble and had to be rescued.

In principle, bringing league football to Cornwall would seem to be a realistic ambition.   The county has a total population of over half a million (532,000).

However, three notes of caution are necessary.   First, the county is a strong rugby area, exemplified by the fact that the White Tigers would share the new stadium with egg chasers.   Second, there are many incomers in Cornwall who have club allegiances 'up country'.   Third, communications by road and rail in the county are not good, so that getting to Truro for matches would not be easy.

Truro Revive Football League dream

Actually there is no intention to ground share with the Cornish Pirates at the so-called Stadium for Cornwall. Truro CIty have put in a planning application for a completely separate stadium.