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Truro's troubles continue


Truro City has put out a desperate appeal to fans to come to the game on Saturday so it can continue to operate.  The administrators in charge of the club said the gate receipts were its only income.

Kate Breese, the appointed administrator from Walsh Taylor, said her firm was meeting the day-to-day costs of the club but it was unclear how long Truro City would survive if a buyer did not come forward. Ms Breese said it was essential for the club to meet its fixtures to stay in the Football Conference and be attractive to investors.

The stricken club has also appealed to Cornwall Council for a handout, but is unlikely to get much sympathy from that quarter.

Players have been asked to defer wages, but as a consequence four have walked out.  The squad is already stretched.   The club has been deducted ten points for going into administration and lost 8-0 last week.