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United do well out of Europa League


The Europa League is seen as very much a 'B' list competition in both financial and prestige terms, but Manchester United have done better out of it financially this season than they did from the Champions League last season.

Last year they got £32 million from the Champions League, but this year they stand to make £36.5m from the Europa League.   The club have benefitted from performance bonuses by getting all the way to the final.  There are fewer English clubs to share the pot of the TV market pool with United playing 15 of the 23 Europa League games involving English sides.

There is also the exchange rate factor with the stronger euro meaning that the earnings are worth more in terms of pounds sterling.

However, they need to win the final against Ajax. If they fail to win, they will face a £22.5m penalty clause from adidas, their sponsor.   The contract with the sportswear company includes a 30 per cent cut in the annual payment of £75m if United failed to reach the Champions League group stage in successive seasons.