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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

What a load of rubbish


Fans have been vociferous on social media criticising the new Channel 5 football highlights show.  Some fans had initially welcomed the change as the programme goes out at 9 p,m. rather than late at night after Match of the Day as was the case when it was on BBC.

The show has a studio audience who seem to add little to the show and indeed disrupt the flow.   One of them couldn't be heard last night because they didn't have a mike on him.

Championship, League 1 and League 2 matches are jumbled up in no particular order.   One Championship match got just fifteen seconds of coverage.  Barnet manager Martin Allen came on to a great fanfare of trumpets to give his thoughts.   The league 'tables' were unveiled with great drama.

One fan tweeted that the programme seemed to assume that Football League fans were all morons.   Another calculated that there was 65 minutes of football and 25 minutes of adverts.

For a critical review of the programme go here.

Football League Show on Channel 5

After the Clare Balding tennis show disaster you would think the last thing to do was follow the same sort of format. Unwatchable.

match of the day proved that the simple format why ?

I really cant understand why channel 5 have chosen this chaotic route with this programme.Football really does take second stage.reminded me of a saturday morning show i would watch as a child in the 80s or even a bit like top of the pops for football.its very image concious also and really has to much going on.Half way through i just had to turn over.Makes me wonder...

when channel 5 won the rights to cover the football league,did they have to present the type of show they were gonna present with this right...well who knows.

but anyway they have turned what was a very good football league show on bbc into something annoying to watch and the comment about an audience member being unable to be heard...well i think sums it up