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World cup blow for Argyle


The failure to secure the 2018 World Cup for England is a particular blow for Plymouth Argyle who could have hosted a group stage at Home Park.   However, the executive director of the club has denied allegations by some fans that the World Cup was what brought him to Plymouth in the first place.

From the board's perspective, hosting the World Cup was the icing on the cake.  Unfortunately, the cake seems to have sunk in the middle.   Argyle are facing a High Court hearing next Wednesday on a tax debt reported to be in excess of £700,000.

This article reflects on the failure of the club to realise 'the Best of the West' promise given the potential of its catchment area.   What I am unsure about is how strong the support is on the other side of the Tamar Bridge.   I do recall as a child coming back from a Easter holiday in Cornwall and Argyle fans getting on the train at Liskeard.

On the one hand Plymouth are punching below their weight in League 1.   On the other there do seem to have been excessive ambitions, particularly in terms of further expansion of Home Park.  As always, it's a bit of a vicious circle.  Get success on the pitch and more fans will attend, but how do you achieve that if you can't even pay staff wages?