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Is Zamaretto Central a M25 league?


Atherstone Town are dropping out of the Step 4 Zamaretto Central league next season into the Step 5 Midland Central.   They argue that they cannot afford the cost of travel to away matches which costs them £10,000 a year.

Manager Dale Belford has complained that the Zamaretto Central is effectively a M25 league.   There are 12 clubs within a 25-mile radius of the ground of Ashford (Middlesex) Town.   The Adders claim that they are losing out on local derbies which would give them an attendance boost.

There are always going to be difficult decisions about which divisions Midlands clubs go into and some find themselves switched around from one season to the next,    However, they are aggrieved that recently promoted Barwell, Romulus and Sutton Coldfield Town are all further south but have been placed into the Evo-Stik League.

Clubs are sometimes accused of too much ambition, although this seems to be an opposite example.   However, Belford thinks that the Adders have seized the moral high ground.  The supremo told the Non-League Paper, 'Hinckley United owe all sorts of money and when Nuneaton get away scot-free without paying their debts, instead deciding to reform, you lose a bit of faith.  We will not do the same thing out of respect for our community'.