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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


Wenger gives it large on Lampard

Arsene Wenger has suggested that Manchester City's loan deal for Frank Lampard could be a way to get round financial fair play regulations.   However, City have responded by stating that they will pay Lampard's wages in full.   Nevertheless, he will count as one of the home grown players in City's restricted Champions League squad of 21.

Betting ban could hit volunteers

Following scandals involving a very small minority of players, from the start of this season no player, manager or club official in the professional game or from Step 4 or above in the non-league system is allowed to bet directly or indirectly on any football match or competition.

This is not just in their own league but any market including results, transfers, team selection, employment of managers, bet in play etc.   The rules that were in force before August 1st excluded any player or official of a club from betting in any competition in which the club participated.

Aldershot Town out of administration

Aldershot Town have exited administration, having settled all outstanding debts with the club's remaining credtors and completed their Company Voluntary Arrangement under a year after being taken over.

While they were in administration, they weren't entitled to a share of the Conference's central funding, so receiving that again will be a big boost.   They have also managed to cut overheads by about 60 per cent in a bid to put the club on a more stable financial footing.

Former Arsenal director's big tax saving

In 2011 Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith sold her 15.9 per cent stake in Arsenal to Stan Kroenke for £116m. She had been the third biggest shareholder in the club.

Her husband is the son of the former Arsenal director Sir Guy Bracewell-Smith who was on the club's board of directors from 1953 to 1976.   His father, Sir Bracewell Smith, was the club chairman from 1949-62 in the days when grandees rather than wealthy foreigners graced the boards of √©lite clubs such as Arsenal, its quality eptiomised by the marble halls of Highbury.

The contradictions of football in Kent

For many people Kent is a county they rush through on their way to the Channel Tunnel or the Channel ports.   Despite being bisected by high speed trains and motorways, it has some very attractive countryside and major tourist attractions such as Leeds Castle.

There are some excellent beaches, but many of the coastal towns have had a struggle to recover from the decline of British seaside resorts.   Whitstable has moved up market and Margate is undergoing a process of regeneration that still has a long way to go.

Is football making a break through in the US?

It's a question which has been asked many times before and usually gets a positive but over optimistic answer.   However, the attendance of 109,318 for last night's game between Manchester United and Real Madrid was the biggest ever recorded in the US for a soccer game and was impressive by any standards. Apparently, the fact that the crowd sat on benches helped to cram them in.

Wenger thinks that playing field is levelling up

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger thinks that financial fair play is hitting home and levelling the playing field in the Premier League to give Arsenal a better chance.

He commented, 'I would say that the balance of power is a bit more even that it was five or six years ago.   That's because of Financial Fair Play, added to us having more financial power than five years ago.  That gives us a better chance.   A few seasons ago, I was thinking 'Who will go next?'

Saints alive

Southampton have sold more players off in one fell swoop than any non-relegated club.   This piece takes an in depth look at the situation.

The intentions of owner Katharina Liebherr, who inherited the club from her father, are unclear.  However, if she wanted to sell, the club would be an attractive prospect with its prosperous catchment area and modern stadium.   Quite what sort of owner might emerge is another matter.

More go to galleries than to football

We are used to comparing football attendances across countries, as we did for top European clubs recently, or between different leagues.  But what about the comparison between football and other ways of spending one's leisure time?

Glazers sell more shares

The Glazers are to sell 5 per cent of their holding in Manchester United which should raise them $150m. A road show to sell the Class A shares will start next week.   They sold a tranche of 10 per cent in 2012.