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Non-league football takes financial hit

There has been particular chaos in non-league football this summer with a number of clubs unable to continue at the level they had been playing at, notably Hereford United and Salisbury City.   This had knock on effects down the pyramid with some leagues having to play with a team short.

Glimmer of hope for Sky Blues

A non-executive director of Coventry City has said that he is prepared to consider the offer from the Keep Coventry in Coventry group to pay the rent on the Ricoh Arena for three years so that the club could play there rather than in Northampton.   This would enable a longer-term solution to be found to the bitter dispute.

World Cup exit's impact on economy

Headline figures of £300m as the cost to the economy of England's early exit from the World Cup need a health warning attached.   Expenditure may dip in the short run, but the money may well be spent later, but on different things.

Valenciennes hit financial problems

Ligue 2 club Valenciennes, relegated from Ligue 1 last season after finishing 19th, are facing financial problems. Yesterday Finorpa Group, who specialise in financial aid to companies (including football clubs) in the Calais region, decided not to grant a €1 million subsidy to the club. This is another blow for the club, who have to present their plans to rescue the club’s finances in the coming days to the DNCG.

Salaries for the month of May have not been paid and the total deficit is believed to be in the region of €8m.

How to sell football shirts in Brazil

There is an increasing interest in the domestic football competition in Brazil, but the challenge for companies is how to do business with the leagues and clubs given their often chaotic financial state, They are frequently heavily indebted and run by huge boards mostly made up of sports enthusiasts rather than professional managers.

'Symbolic' offer for Coventry City

A group of Coventry City supporters and businessmen have made a 'symbolic' offer for the club of £51,897.35 on the understanding that it is debt free.   They also have a plan to get the club back to the Ricoh Arena.

However, owners Sisu have reaffirmed that the club is not for sale.   Sadly for Sky Blue fans, this stalemate shows no signs of ending.

One Direction star takes over Doncaster Rovers

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson could become what Elton John was to Watford with his takeover of Doncaster Rovers.  He grew up in the town and has turned out for the club's reserves.  Each of the members of the band is estimated to be worth £14m.

Debts overwhelm new Hereford owner

The size of the debts at Hereford United are over four times what new owner and property developer Tommy Agombar thought they were, £1.3m against £300,000.   Agombar was ambushed by fans coming out of a meeting and his comments about not being Roman Abramovich suggested that he may think that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Are Baggies too prudent?

To say that Baggies fans were underwhelmed by the appointment of Alan Irvine as manager would be an understatement. There was no support for him from fans on social media and that was also evident from Central TV interviews at The Hawthorns after a Father's Day event there yesterday. One young fan summed it up when he said, 'I know absolutely nothing about him, but I think he's rubbish.'

Premiership has not harmed national team

Conventional wisdom asserts that with two-thirds of starting players in the Premier League coming from outside England, few English players can develop.   However, this view has been challenged by Stefan Szymanski, the football economics guru from the University of Michigan.