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New commercial deals key to Liverpool's success

New commercial deals are key to Liverpool's continuing success as the club prepares for the Champions League.   The constraints of the stadium, and the financial situation of the fans, means that ticket sales cannot generate much more revenue.  The club is raising average adult season ticket prices next year by the rate of inflation.

The share of Premier League central revenues has gone up from £55m in 2012-13 to £97.5m.   That will go some way to overcoming a loss of £49.9m in 2012-13, although there have been substantial transfer expenditures this season.

Gambling clampdown will hit top clubs

Premier League clubs face a substantial loss of income because of action by the gambling regulator on online betting operators that use the league's international popularity to promote their websites to Asian audiences.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool are among a number of top clubs that have sponsorship deals with online operators that take very few bets from UK customers but benefit from the Premier League's popularity in Asian betting markets.

New shirt sponsorship deal for Rangers

Rangers have concluded a three year shirt sponsorship deal with online casino group 32Red.  The company has previously sponsored Aston Villa and Swansea City.

32Red chief executive Ed Ware said 'This is not a punt.  It is an educated investment.'   Rangers were 'on the comeback trail.'

Narrow majority back Hull name change

A narrow majority of Hull season ticket holders has backed plans to change the name of Hull City to Hull Tigers.   However, 60 per cent did not respond and some fans felt the question was biased because it linked the named change with the Allam family remaining in charge at the club.

Risk to Nou Camp redevelopment project

Barcelona fans have to vote today on whether they want the project to redevelop the Nou Camp to go ahead.   However, its approval is at some risk after the recent bad publicity enjoyed by the club.

The club owned by a state

Some of the most reflective and in depth football writing today is to be found in the Financial Times.  This is particularly the case when Simon Kuper writes one of his in depth pieces as he did in Saturday's Weekend Magazine that accompanies the Pink 'Un.   He took an in depth look at Paris Saint-Germain.

Can football take hold in India?

Can football make headway in the most fanatical cricket nation in the world, India?  The Indian Super League is modelled on the Indian Premier League cricket competition which, despite some recent problems, has been a commercial success.

Business figures ranging from steel billionaire Saijan Jindal to Bollywood film mogul Shahrukh Kahn are expected to enter franchise bids for the new eight club, two month tournament which kicks off in September.   Owners will be expected to bid at least Rs1.2bn ($20m) for ten year franchises.

Arsenal watch may be cheap at the price

When I turned the page of the Financial Times and was confronted by a full page advert showing four Arsenal players engaged in a goal celebration, my first thought that was that Arsene Wenger had chosen an unorthodox route to publicise his conviction that Arsenal were still in the title race.

United can survive lack of Champions League football

There is a big risk of overstating the effect of one poor season on Manchester United's commercial income.   This piece, which is a balanced as a whole, says that sponsors could get twitchy, but that is on the assumption of an absence of two or three years which seems unlikely.   It also has to be remembered that the contracts are long-term ones.

Competition for United kit deal

Some pundits have been quick to forecast the demise of Manchester United, drawing comparisons with Liverpool in the early 1990s.   However, this overlooks the strength of United as a global brand and the sophistication of their marketing team.    This leads to strong competition for the most prized sponsorships and interest in the more unusual ones.    This in turn means that the club will have all the financial firepower it needs in the summer transfer window.