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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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Football Governance


Top clubs could pull out of Champions League

Top European clubs could ultimately decide to leave Uefa and the Champions League and form their own breakway competition as a solution to the constraints imposed by the Financial Fair Play regulations.   There is a growing fear, exemplified by the move of Nicholas Anelka, possibly to be followed by Didier Drogba, that financial power in football may start to shift from Europe to Asia.

Football and Scottish national identity

In his inaugural lecture at the University of Chemnitz, Klaus Stolz tackled the question of ‘Football and National Identity in Scotland’.     Stolz argues, ‘Unlike other so-called stateless nations, such as Catalonia or Quebec, Scotland is in possession of one of the most potent symbols of nationhood in modern times: its own national football team.  By providing an ideal opportunity for the expression of Scottish identity, football serves as a constant popular reminder of its national identity to the rest of the nation.’

Adidas to wait and see on Suarez

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez who has been found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Patrick Evra has a lucrative boot deal with adidas.   Adidas have said that they will wait the outcome of any appeal before making an assessment of the case and for the time being will not make any statement which is undoubtedly sensible given the controversy it has generated.

Pompey and the fit and proper person test

The adequacy of the fit and proper person test has been a long running problem in football.   When a club is in trouble and an apparent saviour who can show he has some money comes along it is perhaps not surprising that neither the club nor the football authorities want to probe too deeply.

Fines for clubs promoted to Premiership?

The financial challenges faced by football are manifold, particularly against the backdrop of a worsening economic situation.   It's also worth remembering that they are driven to a large extent by the expectations of owners and fans.   In any league half the teams have to finish below midway.

Uefa's financial fair play dilemma

Uefa faces a series of dilemmas in terms of its enforcing Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.   If it doesn't enforce them at all, it will look foolish and be weakened in relation to the top clubs.  But devising sanctions that bite without undermining the Champions League itself is a real test of ingenuity.

The transformation of European football?

The book I have edited with Borja Garcia from Spain and Arne Niemann from Germany on the transformation of European football has now been published by Manchester University Press.   A 20 per cent discount is available to our readers who contact us through our e-mail address.

And now there are four

With the decision of Millwall to quit the stock market after 22 years as a public company there are now just four publicly listed clubs left.   Tottenham and Celtic are both on the second tier Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and Arsenal and Rangers are  on the small cap PLUS market.   Spurs was one of the first clubs to list.

Moving forward at Chelsea

Following yesterday's rejection of Chelsea's proposal to acquire the freehold of Stamford Bridge from Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO), it is recognised that there has to be a constructive dialogue between the club and fans to reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

Scrap relegation from Premiership call

Americans who follow baseball or American football or even the MLS are often baffled by the idea of promotion and relegation.   As far as they are concerned there are major league and minor league clubs and that's it, although admittedly the MLS has expanded through the admission of new clubs.  Of course, franchises can shift from one part of the country to another.