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Football Governance


Board resignation at Pompey

Mick Williams has resigned from the board at Portsmouth after a disagreement over a decision involving the Supporters' Trust.   He was a key figure in rescuing the club from liquidation and bringing it into fan ownership.

He has not elaborated on his reasons, but says that it is a matter of principle.

Could Bath City become next supporter owned club?

Plans are in place for Bath City to become the next supporter owned club.   However, fans need to raise £1.4m to acquire the club, pay off creditors and provide enough working funds for next season.  Former chairman Mandy Rigby is owed £170k.

Greek government backs down on football ban

The new left-wing Greek Government has had to compromise in its negotiations with the European Union and now it has had to back down on a proposed indefinite ban on football in the Greek Super League.  Governing party Syriza is facing internal tensions over its deal with the EU and could not expend political capital stopping the country's favourite sport.  There will now be just a ban on this weekend's Super League Matches.

James Easdale gives way to fan pressure

Bus tycoon James Easdale has resigned from the Rangers board in response to fan pressure.   His brother Sandy, who is a bigger shareholder, is chairman of the board.  James Easdale's home in Greenock was targeted by vandals last year who painted graffiti.

Blues parent company goes into administration

Birmingham City's troubles have gone on for a long time with it being suggested that the club was effectively being controlled from the majority shareholder's prison cell.   It is therefore not a great surprise to learn that the parent company has gone into administration with the various parties seemingly fighting like cats in a sack.

Call to tighten financial controls

Valeri Belokon has called for tighter controls by the Football League on club's finances.  The Latvian was interested in taking over Blackpool, but lost interest after he discovered that £27m had been transferred from club funds to accounts or companies controlled by owner Owen Oyston.

It is not implied that these movements were not lawful, but more transparency about club finances would be welcome.

Match fixing a challenge in Malta

This article suggests that unstable finances and poor pay for largely part-time players leaves Maltese football open to the temptation of match fixing for Asiann betting syndicates.   For example, a top team might go behind in the first half without arousing too much suspicion.

However, the article also suggests that such behaviour is also a problem in other low profile leagues across the world.

Brazil attempts to regulate clubs

The Brazilian FA is going to attempt to bring greater discipline and transparency to the financial affairs of its clubs by introducing new regulations.   The challenge will be to implement and enforce the new rules and stop them being evaded.

Cellino ban poses dilemma for Leeds

Massimo Cellino has lost his appeal against being disqualified from owning Leeds.   He will not be able to be involved in running the club until April 10th when his conviction is regarded as being spent.

Quite what this will mean for the club is uncertain.   It is unlikely that he would be required to sell the club, but he might have to transfer his shares in the interim to a relative, probably his two sons, or a lawyer.   He will have to stand down from the board within 48 hours.

Hereford United suspended

Hereford United have been suspended from 'all football activity' by the Football Association.   the club failed to answer questions in relation to the owners' and directors' test.

The club’s majority shareholder, Alan McCarthy, had been charged with acting as an officer of Hereford United without written confirmation from the FA to do so.