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Chelsea fan to sell Liverpool

British Airways chairman and Chelsea Martin Broughton has been brought on to the Liverpool board with the task of finding a buyer for the club.   He reckons that it may take a few months to complete the sale, but is not setting himself a deadline.   His task will be made easier by the fact that the whole club is now for sale rather than a stake in it.   George Gillett and Tom Hicks have finally decided to throw in the towel and bring an end to their troubled reign.  

Oz takeover denied by Leeds

As a plume of volcanic ash from Iceland grounded planes across Britain, another column of smoke was seen over Leeds as Ken Bates angrily denied reports of an Australian takeover bid for the club.  The Sydney Morning Herald and other Australian media had carried reports that billionaire Frank Lowy was to launch a bid for the club.  It was reported that he had instructed an agent in Leeds to carry out due diligence

Usmanov ups Arsenal stake

Alisher Usmanov has increased his stake in Arsenal from 26.29 per cent to 26.31 per cent.   This is a miniscule increase, but it could be a significant signal of his intentions, given that he paid over the odds at £10,500 for the 37 shares.  His Red and White Holdings have said that they are keeping all options and have refused to rule out a bid for the club.

Silent Stan In For Rams

'Silent' Stan Kroenke has made a surprise move to buy the St. Louis Rams American football team when he had been expected to sell his stake.   He currently owns 40 per cent of the Rams and has turned down an offer to sell that share from auto-parts millionaire Shahid Khan.  Kroenke will instead buy the remainder from Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodroquez, who inherited control when their mother, Georgia Frontiere, died in January 2008.  Kroenke has a right to buy the remaining share under the terms of a partnership agreement.

End game at Arsenal

As Arsenal prepare for a vital league game at Spurs, it looks as if the battle for control of the club is entering its final phase.  Former board member Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has announced that she is selling her 15.9 per cent stake.  She has appointed New York-based private equity firm Blackstone to advise her which may be a signal that she does not want to make a straightforward sale to Stan Kroenke.   Her family has been associated with the club since 1938.

Red Knights delay bid

The Red Knights have delayed making a bid for Manchester United until June to avoid off pitch distractions in what looks likely to be a tight finish to the Premiership title race.   It would also give them more time to finalise their bid, although it seems that they have enough pledges of money to make a credible bid at £1.25 billion.   If they acquired control, they plan to distribute shares to fans to create a Barcelona-type structure.   The one flaw in the pla

Arsenal takeover battle edges closer

A battle for the takeover of Arsenal edged closer after American sports franchise owner Stan Kroenke acquired seven more shares at a cost of £8,500 each.  That may not sound a lot but it puts him ten short of the point at which he would be obliged to launch a takeover bid.  Kroenke has been hanging fire recently because until the end of this month he would be obliged to acquire any additional shares at the highest price he has paid in the last year, pushing up the cost of a bid. 

Cardiff deal nearer

It appears that a deal for a Malaysian consortium to take over financially troubled Cardiff City is edging closer.  A deal may not be finalised until end of April, but that would be soon enough to settle the club's debt to Revenue and Customs and avoid a winding up order.  It would have been surprising if a club of Cardiff's potential had not found an investor.

Liverpool bid opens up new chapter

A formal bid delivered at the weekend by New York-based global equity bid Rhone Group for a 40 per cent  equity stake in Liverpool has opened up a new chapter in the long-running ownership saga at the club.  Fans are sceptical or even downright hostile and the current American owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jnr, look unlikely to accept the offer because it falls below their expectations.  However, they are running out of road as they have to repay £10

Former owner bids to take over Derby County

Former Derby County chairman Peter Gadsby has made a £42 million bid to regain control of the club, but it has not been welcomed by the current owners.   Gadsby, a lower property magnate, stood down after the club won promotion to the Premier League three years ago, with Andy Appleby, an American businessman eventually leading a takeover valued at £50m.  However, Gadsby has grown frustrated at the recent lack of progress under the current owners.