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Financial Results


Bristol City in a financial mess

Bristol City chairman Steve Lansdown has admitted that the club's current balance sheet is 'a mess' after the club reported losses of £11.8m in the year ended 31 May 2010, almost double the record shortfall of £6.6m recorded a year earlier.  

Draws are back in fashion

Bookmakers William Hill have reported a more than 20 per cent rise in third quarter revenues and all because drawn football matches are back in fashion.   This time last year there was such an absence of drawn matches in the Barclays Premier League that boomakers were facing double digit declines in net revenues.   The problem was made worse by winning streaks among the most heavily backed Premier League clubs.

Hibs stay in the black - just

Scottish football has been afflicted by financial problems since the collapse of the Setanta deal.  Hibernian are one of the more successful clubs, but their financial position has deteriorated over the years and they have only just managed to stay in the black.

United mired in debt

Manchester United generated operating profits of £100.8m in the year to 30 June, the first Premier League club to break through the £100m barrier.   New commercial deals helped to push revenues up by 2.9 per cent to £286.4m.   Commercial revenues now make up 28.9 per cent of income, but match day revenues were down 7.9 per cent to £108.8m and now represent 35 per cent of turnover.

United figures due

Full year figures from Manchester United are due today.   It is expected that the club will have made record operating profits, topping £100m for the first time, thanks to increased matchday, broadcasting and commercial revenues.   Despite failing to sell 2,200 season tickets in the summer, all the club's home games this season have sold out.

Manchester City lose £121m in one year

Manchester City have lost £121m in one year, the second biggest loss in Premier League history.  They spent more on wages than their entire income, £133m compared with £125m.

Arsenal posts record profits

Arsenal has announced record profits of £56m before tax.  Turnover is up to £379.9m.  This record of financial success contrasts with the situation at Liverpool and Manchester United, but it is largely due to the club's property business.   The football business just covers its costs.

Good figures from Rangers

Rangers produced some good financial results for the year to June 2010 but they were highly reliant on participation in the group stages of the Champions League.  Turnover was up 42 per cent to £56.3m and profits were up.

Profits up at Real Madrid

Real Madrid claimed to have the highest revenues of any sports institution in the world after they announced that the club's net profit for the 2009-10 season jumped 11.5 per cent from the year before.  Despite spending more than €250m on new players the club reported annual profits of €24m, up from €21.5m a year before.

6th year of profit for Hibs

Although they made a profit of only £100,000, and made an operating loss of £2.3m, Hibernian have recorded their sixth consecutive year of profits.   That's a remarkable achievement in the contemporary world of football finance.