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Financial Results


Manchester City make a profit

Manchester City have made a proft of £10.7m in their last financial year.   This is the first time they made a profit since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed took over the club in 2008.  The profit was achieved despite fines of £16m for breaches of Uefa's financial fair play rules.

Maidstone's success story

The latest financial results from Maidstone United show a clear success story.   Turnover is up to £1.36m and profits are £245,000.   Admittedly, a FA Cup run helped these figures.

Nevertheless, the underlying story is a strong one.   Wages account for less than 20 per cent of turnover, with funds being put into expanding the capacity of he stadium with its 3G pitch.   Attendances and season ticket sales are up.

Arsenal laughing all the way to the bank

Is it better to have plenty of money in the bank or use that money to enhance performance on the pitch? That is the eternal dilemma at Arsenal and it is one that continues to exasperate the clubs' fans.  One comment after the latest financial results was that they had produced at least one good result this week.

Celtic turn profit into loss

Celtic have turned a £4m profit into a £11m loss in the year to 30 June.  The explanation is a failure to reach the group stages of the Champions League and a reduction in transfer income.  Revenue fell by over a fifth to £51.1m.

Progress in Juventus finances

There has been substantial progress in restoring the finances of Juventus reports the authoritative Swiss Rambler blog in a detailed analysis.

After a pre-tax loss of €10.9m last year, there was a small pre-tax profit of €0.1m.   Admittedly, this then became a large post-tax loss because of a perverse Italian tax which penalises companies with high personnel costs which seems to be a disenctive to employment.

Leeds close to breaking even

Leeds owner Massimo Cellinio has claimed that the next set of accounts for the club will show it close to breaking even.  In the 2013/14, Leeds United recorded a loss of £23 miillion.

Old Trafford a 'backdrop for brands'

Manchester United have announced their financial results for the third quarter of the financial  year. Commercial revenue was more than double matchday revenue in the first nine months of the financial year, leading Andy Green to comment on Twitter that Old Trafford is 'really a backdrop for brands.'

Premiership finances summarised

The Guardian has produced a very useful and detailed summary of the finances of Premier League clubs with sources of income broken down by category.   The figures are accompanied by a pithy and pertinent commentary on each club.

Leeds United accounts scrutinised

The auditing of the accounts of Leeds United are to be scrutinised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales over a potential conflict of interest.

The accounts were audited by a firm where one of the partners is a brother of Leeds United Andrew Umbers, although they were signed off by another partner.

Newcastle sitting on pile of cash

Newcastle United's full accounts have now been filed at Companies House and they show that £38.6m has been transferred into the club's bank accounts as a cash flow sum, £4.5m of which was used to pay off an overdraft.

This news will reinforce criticisms that the club puts profit before ambition, having failed to sign a player in the January transfer window.   Fans are planning a boycott of Sunday's home game against Tottenham Hotspur.