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Financial Results


Excellent financial results at Everton

Everton is the latest Barclays Premier League club to report an excellent set of financial results, boosted by broadcasting revenue.

Turnover was over £100m for the first time, up 39 per cent at £120.5m,   £88.5 m of this was accounted for by broadcasting revenue, up by £30m.   Gate receipts were also up by £2m to £19.2m.   One area for further development is commercial revenue and the plans for a new stadium should help there.

Good financial results at Norwich

Norwich City have reported a good set of financial results for the year ended June 2014 when, of course, they were still in the Premier League.   Operating profits were £9.5m compared with £4.6m for a comparable period in the preceding year.  

Do Hull have financial worries?

Most clubs would be pleased with a profit of £9.4m on a turnover of £84.8m.  Indeed, by the standards of football the latest financial results from Hull City represent an exceptional performance.

Admittedly, the figures are for an eleven month period to 30 June so that if one added in July the figure would reduce to £3.3m.   That would be wiped out by the £4m of FA Cup revenue obtained by the finalists.

Bayern aim to be world's richest club

Bayern Munich aim to be the world's richest club and their latest financial results show that they are well on the way there.  On a turnover of £417m they recorded a prodit of £13m.   20 per cent of their revenue came from merchandise sales.

Unlike rivals Manchester United and Real Madrid, they are free of debt.

Kroenke fees cause controversy

The revelation in the latest Arsenal accounts that majority shareholder Stan Kroenke was paid £3 million in 'strategic and advisory fees' has caused controversy.   However, Arsene Wenger has brushed the comments aside, saying that everything the club does is legal and in any case it's a matter for the board.

Arsenal in robust financial health

The latest financial results for Arsenal show the club to be in robust financial health, even though overall profits dropped from £6.7m to £4.7m in a year in which there was little activity on the property front. Cash balances remain very healthy, up to £173.3m from £119.6m in 2013.

Manchester United pay price

The effects of poor performance (by their standards) on the pitch are being felt by Manchester United.   Revenue and profits are expected to fall in 2015 in the absence of Champions League income.  Even so, the club's revenues and earnings are still far in excess of Premier League rivals.

Profits up at United

 Manchester United has reported a 60 percent increase in quarterly profit, saying it had the financial muscle to improve its squad after a poor season on the pitch.  

Premiership finances 2012-13

David Conn of The Guardian has provided a thorough and authoritative review of Premiership finances for the 2012-13 season as revealed in clubs' accounts.

The chasm facing clubs that might be relegated is evident.   Fulham would not be able to finance their ongoing contractual commitments over the next two years.   Norwich City, praised as a stable, financially well-managed club, would face a 'multi-million pound trauma'.

£18m losses at Rangers

The Rangers Football Club Ltd. has announced losses of £18.1m in the 13 months to June 2013.  It should be noted that there is a complex corporate structure at Rangers and more information can be found here.